We consider our guests as old friends coming by.
So we won't just give you the keys of the apartments but we will give you the keys of Milano!
Anything you would need will be arranged before your arrival:
from the pillows to breakfast;
from the wake up call to any specific desire, passion or dream.
We will be happy to help you out during all your stay.
Tell us what you are looking for, we will accomplish all your needs.
Won't just book a table in a restaurant but will suggest you what we think would be perfect for you.
Same for the art in the city, shopping and any tour, we will make you feel like a Milanese!
Need to work or relax, just let us know and your trip will take shape before leaving your place.
Anything will be arranged, as we would host an old friend.
Don't know what to do, just ask us and you won't end up in any touristic trap!
Need any ticket for the last supper, shows or art fairs?
Need us to cook you a personal dinner just for you?
Need somebody to look after you?
Just let us help you!